11-19 Burlesque for the Bedroom

Burlesque for The Bedroom

 With Acclaimed Burlesque Queen

Coco Lectric

Director of the Austin Burlesque Academy

Let's focus on the peel in this striptease focused workshop to introduce a new level of seduction to the boudoir. Coco covers both the techniques and the background of the burlesque legends that have captivated audiences for decades.

A classically trained dancer, actor, and vocalist with an absolute love of performing, she graces stages all over the world and wants to teach you some new and exciting moves that will inspire you to create your own private show. This course is designed for beginners and aspiring performers.

Wear clothing that you can stretch in and a long-sleeved shirt or robe.

Sunday, November 19th 7pm

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11-19 Burlesque for the Bedroom

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